At a late night in the convenience store, When I threw an instant noodle into the basket, I heard a light sound that just realized “It’s not food”, and it will fill in the basket. I brought that home with me, boiled water, poured the dried ingredients, and then the lightness began to have reality. I slurped the noodles that made me full, but I felt lonely the amount that I was.

In that situation, I always want to truly understand my self.

Am I alive? stay alive? or survive? 

Living alone at midnight, the sad chunk of meat to be completed by 3 min.

In the beginning when I started playing the music in Osaka, I was extremely poverty, and my legs kicking Mido-suji street were staggered even thought I wasn’t drunk. At that time, one of member of Jusangatsu “Akainu” who running cafeteria “Nippon Syoku-do” invited band guys to treat them to a nice dinner, like Mother Teresa, then we scarfed down shiny white rice on our rice bowls. After a while, we could feel our blood flow gradually, and RBC were circle mosh pit at each parts, so. Definitely at that moment, we had been feeling “This is proof that we are alive”. No matter how much we try to get into fight mode, we can’t even stand if we haven’t eaten anything.

Whenever I go though the underpass of Shibuya and move sideways, there are so many hoboes who do not have a house left out in the cold. Every time I see that ,in my view, It’s no wonder that I also lying down in here, so then it realized me the feeling of that time when I was hungry and couldn’t anything, with the hustle-bustle of a scrambled intersection.

In 2019, Zenkankaku-sai ( mean all sense festival ) will be held on 9/21(Sat.) at The Route 26 in Sakai Osaka, 10/12(Sat.) at The Heavy Duty in front of Inba Medical University in Tokyo as well. It was difficult to find a venue in Tokyo, but we finally get arrived a place where is with a magnetic field and awesome atmosphere, you can count on us!

It’s time to turning my imagination into reality. Accelerating images increased speed.

Both venues are open-air, there is no entrance gate, no charge for the concert…It’s a total freebie!

In addition to this, We’re planning to make food free this year. In our town, anyone can eat free of charge. Steam rises from a huge pan seems like Ishihara Gundan ( they are famous Japanese actors ), and an uncle who has flowed from skid row, who does not know who’s event, is lining up in the line and seeing a strange sound. If I imagine such a picture, my heart beat will be pounding.

Rather than just stay alive, we hope eat delicious food and living our lives properly , so then we will make full use of energy, hang out with our senses.

I wish I could go back in those days and tell to Skinny Boney Little People that ” In the future he was going to throw a fantastic party, so you only have to hold on a little longer. ”

I know how you feel it now, probably you will not believe it , and I also agree with ya.

Usually, food is lifeline for festivals, and it is a natural means to earn money with the opening fee of the food as well as the ticket fee to advance operation. The market price ranges from 10,000 to 15,000 JPY for a small tent. Some of the festivals that everyone knows will have a booth charge cost of a million JPY, so as long as they run the festival, the revenue source of the food will inevitably become a pillar.

But, we are going to make that festival with out it, and there’s no sponsoring company.

No matter what anyone say, nothing can’t stop us , we dare to do this cause we really want to try it on for new era.

Artists have catering and can eat meal in the dressing room, it will make improve their performance and makes the day a nice day.

Well then, It’s simple attempt to do it to our audience. This festival will be held by donating from everyone, that why we want you guys decided to your sense’s value. If it will be irreplaceable experience as for you, please evaluate for our festival.

This is not something simple, however I believe in it honestly.

Take some idea your self in the case you don’t have money, you can be a volunteer, you can picking up trash, whatever you want.

There should be many ways to answer each person.

I am quite satisfied that you will get to something find in someday, even if you won’t able to do anything at the same time,

Everyone seems to be losing something and not happy without letting go, but some how, what is that structure that throw mud at each other?

if you can only laugh by immersing yourself to bask in a feeling of superiority when you see the bottom rung of the ladder, absolutely lack of happiness in your life. Scientist, doctors and psychologists should be able to name that horrible situation immediately I guess.

Heisei was 30 years of gradually breaking. Isn’t it impossible to live without breaking?

I don’t think so.

The reason why we issued this statement at this time of the year, because WE WANTED TO RECRUIT FOOD SPONSORS EARLY ON.

We are looking for farmers and people who are interested in our concept, and have relationship around the food.

Rice, Vegetables, Fish, Meat, all kinds of foods and ingredients.

It doesn’t matter how much amount of them, also if it’s from the individual level.

In addition, shops, cooks, and people who is good at cooking are recruited too. We would like to consult with you about how to operate it by e-mail, but in the form of cooking with ingredients gathered as sponsorship, or in the case of shop, the team of jusangatsu will be taken the cost of ingredients I think. We would like to introduce both of them in the pamphlet.

After all, it takes a big budget.

No matter how small the estimate, it cannot be less than last year. If you have any thought on this ideal image, please donate in advance.

And WE ARE LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS who will be involved as usual.

That’ll be all, first our statement of “food”, I want to divide the contents into three. Regardless,I’m so excited. We can’t wait for anyone to provide the place and time.

Finally, on from now, we decided to stop using the word “organizer”, but we will call ourselves “facilitator” instead. We will not the center or sponsor of this festival. You are the only one who eats and dances, and main character is you are. We will be the conductor that conducts electricity to the city.

We do not need power and authority to make laugh.