Future Values

Future Values

While taking my eyes off, I get so many LINE notifications. The number is staggering.

“Food free”

What did I say? It was only after the statement had been issued that we faced to the momentousness in earnest. About the concept of food-free for the 6th Zenkankaku-sai(mean all sense festival), I had talked to the crew of jusangatsu but they thought I was usually talking big just as a fantasy on impulse, so they all were trembling with the heart shrunk as the tweets were posted and spread.

Even if the total number of visitors in Tokyo and Osaka is 4,000 at the lowest estimate, in the case of a long event people will have two or three meals, and therefore the minimum requirement is over 10,000 meals. We gaped standing in front of a mountain that we had never touched or even seen. The estimate is based on last year and I think more people will come thinking of the line-up of various artists gathering this time.

In addition, there is no restaurant or convenience store in the area around Lake Inba in Chiba, which is the venue. If food supply stops, it can be easily imagined that a kind of starvation will be generated, which is the totally opposite situation to the concept that people enjoy space with their stomach filled comfortably. It is terrible. I held my breath, but I couldn’t swallow well with my thirsty throat and felt like puking on the spot.

In July, three months after the statement was issued, it was only two months until the opening but the number of food volunteers gathered was 9 in Chiba and 3 in Osaka. Maybe there are more people even in Jonathan in Shibuya. Will 9 and 3 people make 10,000 meals?

In case of Jonathan it definitely have a brush with the Labor Standards Act. It was not because of summer that I felt dizzy.

In 2018 the challenge of Zenkankaku-sai was successful in terms of money so it is certain that I got a boost. However, properly it is not a success. During the two days of the event, if it had rained even for a day the number of visitors and the sales of drinks would have dropped considerably, and by the blow we would have got into the red. It was on the borderline. So why can I accelerate even though just done a tightrope walk on a wing and a prayer? I laugh at the gyaru-power by myself. I’m sure that in the previous life I was a smashing gyaru hanging out in Shibuya center street.

In the first place, where is such festival, aiming for meeting the necessary expenses as the goal? The naiveness of making little of gaining profits appears in this economic sense and the vision for setting a plan. It’s easy to say that’s why the challenge is interesting, but the uninteresting numbers have no compunction in sitting heavily on our shoulders. I started days with nonsensical stiff shoulders.

The production manager, “Eagle” has a strange cough. “Captain” of 十三月, who have been to government offices many times over for procedures is getting skinny before the festival every year. There is no name for this phenomenon yet, but isn’t it possible to establish a new diet method and make a hit like Billy’s Boot Camp? No, I can’t afford to make poor jokes.

I will talk about money.

The total budget required for FY2018 was 5 million yen. In 2019, this time it is over 15 million.

In order to set up the stage, contractors in Tokyo are not available individually according to the union policy so eventually we decided to carry the material by truck from Osaka and Kyoto.

Temporary toilet for vacant land, gas and water as food-related equipments, electrical generators and lighting —as the scale grows, the required amount of everything increases. As a result, it is over 15 million yen.

None of us has ever touched or even seen 15 million yen. Everyone looked up at emptiness and lapsed into silence. The glasses of the diner where we are for the meeting were sweating.

If someone is trying to get on the stage of the Open-Air Concert Hall with a guitar which he/she has never touched, anyone will stop it. However we will get on the stage with money so much that we have never touched in capital. The reason is simple, we are stupid.

Dreaming is easy, but reality is not fantasy. It is a heavy load for just band-man to face the numbers and the amount of information taking responsibility without any backing and that makes me want to whine like this. What am I fighting with? Every time I lose my sight of the answer in a fret it is a homeless old man who comes to my mind.

When I lived in Nagoya, there were many blue sheets roofs around the Science Museum of Electricity and he made a house there. His name was Shigeru. I’ve forgot how we met, but he was quick-witted and widely informed, so he always told me interesting stories. For me, it was much more mysterious than the explanation by the machine of the automatic announcement at the Science Museum so I used to sneak out of the school and go to his house. Carrying a Nike backpack instead of the school bag I couldn’t get, under the fresh green after the cherry blossoms out of bloom, I turned the blue sheet.

Shigeru had a large rat that is as large as a cat, and it walked slow dragging his feet. Looking back now it may have been a different kind from that often jumps out of the trash bag on the street. Alien species? Too big.

When I visited the old man opened a round cookie can with rice crackers and small Japanese treats in it.
There were few of the same kind. It was an omnibus and everything in the can was equally moist.

“What story will he tell me today?” Chewing soggy rice cracker, it becomes sticky because of starch and returns to glutinous rice. The relationship between Enma and his supporters, the structure of various sections of hell. Biology of dolphin. The name of clouds. The days with Shigeru were fun.

When I visited to bid goodbye before moving because of my parent’s job transfer, Shigeru was out and not in the tent. Under the sunshine through the blue sheet, the rat gnawing at crumbs with his front teeth. There was a futon folded up nicely, and a half-finished book by a writer I did’t know didn’t and it didn’t have spine. A short pencil and cutter knife for sharpening it. A small flower and water looking lukewarm put in a milk bottle, and, a piece of photograph of a family on a small wooden desk.
He had a wife and a child. The girl would have be about my age. Shigeru’s hair wasn’t white in the photo yet, so she might have grown already.

“See you.”

I went through the blue sheet. It was in the middle of the summer when cicadas were crying like now. The sweat from my forehead got into my eyes and I narrowed the stinging eyes at August shimmering like heat gaze.

I went through the blue sheet. It was in the middle of the summer when cicadas were crying like now. The sweat from my forehead got into my eyes and I narrowed the stinging eyes at August shimmering like heat gaze.

After a long time, I started playing music, and when called by an event planner in Nagoya I passed by the Science Museum of Electricity. However there was no blue sheet tent anymore, and several children were playing with the ball beside the indifferently tidy green grass.

Then, even though taking a survey of the city, I could hardly find homeless house under the overpass or in the park maybe because of a part of some government policies. Has Shigeru lost to something?

Lifetime continues even if the place is taken away. Existence continues. Every person has to live on.

Tell me, who will answer?

Where did Shigeru go?

I wonder if I’ll see him again somewhere. Maybe he won’t recognize that I am Mahito at that time because my hair was not long and it was dishelved hair. I wish he came to Zenkankaku-sai. There I’m dreaming again. I always. Now. Reality. Look at the sky.

I don’t think I want to make money. I don’t intend to take even 1 yen. That’s not the case. I want to prove that the best space can exist in the lowest city, the lowest country, the lowest age.

The Olympics will come. The city is changing rapidly, exaggerated buildings are going to be built and people who were there are driven away. Yet living never changes, spring comes after winter without overtaking summer. At night you feel hungry, thirsty during summer, and freezing in winter.

While given prepared ones by someone, you have to fear deprived of the time. I hope this message reach you clearly. Who will eat meals? It’s you. Who will laugh with music? It’s not me, but it’s lonely you.
I just believe the beautiful time that should continue.
Please lend me a hand.